Z®RP Technology
Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering with
Glenmills/Zellwerk Z®RP
“Cells Working for You”
  • Bioreactor® – where adherent cells can be grown in a nearly natural state to cell densities of over 10^10 – denser than in the liver. The rotating bed of ceramic supports gives ideal growing conditions.
  • Chambers of 500ml and 5,000ml are designed to allow for perfusion for periods beyond one year of sterile operation. Chambers are constructed of borosilicate glass and stainless steel and are autoclaveable. (Disposable versions being developed.)
  • Rotational speed variation from 1 to 150 rpm.
  • Can hold from two to twenty-one Sponceram® discs.
  • Can be used with custom support shapes such as flat sheets (i.e. skin sheets), 3-D (i.e. bone implants), spheres (i.e. cell clusters)
Used in conjunction with sterile Breeder®