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Culturing of adherent cells/tissues in a sterile natural 3-D environment continuously for over 12 months allows for impressive cell densities exceeding 10^10 all in a compact laboratory tabletop apparatus. This massive concentration of cells (up to 10,000x more than conventional systems) in the Glen Mills / Zellwerk Z®RP Reactor System opens new areas for development in medicine, classic cell and stem cell research, tissue growth for replacements, large-scale biochemical production by perfusion, and others. Equipment complies with GLP, GCP, GTP, and GMP standards.

Download equipment bulletin in PDF format here or visit the manufacturer’s web site – Zellwerk GmbH.

Equipment outline – Employing turning shaft technology Z®RP overcomes failings of rotation bottles, t-flasks, fluidized beds, and other methods. The growing cells, immobilized on the ceramic support, are rotated through the air and then dipped into the medium. This motion allows for the optimal controlled perfusion of nutrients and metabolic products without shear stress. The typical system consists of two essential components: the Breeder Package and the Scaffold.

Breeder Package – The fully integrated package consists of 500ml or 5,000ml Bioreactor® fitted with cell supports, the Breeder® which is a sterile, isothermal incubator, and Control System for long-term stable operations and data logging.

Scaffolds – you have a choice between using our scaffold material, Sponceram® or your autoligous, allogeneous or synthetic material.

Adherent cells can develop nature 3-D Extracellular Matrixes (ECM) on the proven zirconium oxide based Sponceram®. Two to twenty-one discs can be installed in the Bioreactor.

Existing Applications – Though still a novel system, years of development have arrived at fully tested machinery backed by a multitude of testing on various biological systems. Several applications include the culture of umbilical cord stem cells, CHO (Chinese Hamster Ovary) production clones, chondrocytes, and hepatocytes. This technology has also been used in the production of (recombinant) proteins, especially complex glycoproteins. Within the Z®RP large amounts of vital cells can be grown in a natural, 3-D state for eventual harvesting.

Future Applications
– The Z®RP concept offers many paths for future development.

Regenerative medicine: Currently in development are disposable, sterile packages for immediate patient use. Conveniently grow the replace skin grafts to replace diabetic skin leasions or burnt skin section, muscle or tissue clusters to replace damaged body section, or coat mechanical implants with patient’s own cells to minimize rejection

Drug production: The Z®RP system offers cost-efficient production of recombinant biopharmaceuticals, vaccines and vectors.


Z®RP Technical and academic references

Testing – Running trials with your biological materials is the best way to prove whether the Z®RP Equipment is right for you. A program of renting, leases, and purchase can get Z®RP into your laboratory.

Demonstrations at the factory can be arranged before bringing Z®RP into your facility.

To skip setting up a laboratory, just leave the hard work to us. We offer Large Cell Contract Work where all you need to do take home your valuable outputs of cells, tissues, or biochemicals. Just call us now at 973-777-0777 or complete our Request Info Form and we can start the process in bringing this technology to you.

Cell dislodgement and disruption – It is not just a matter of growing your ECM, but we also have the techniques to continuously extract the valuable perfusion bioproducts and to release the cells from the scaffold for extraction. Cell removal from Sponceram is discussed here in this PDF.

Cell disruption and tissue homogenization equipment is available for working from small scale (0.1 to 50ml) on to major industrial quantities of hundreds of liters per hour.

Flyer describing expansion of NK cells with ZRP System
Flyer describing expansion of PBMCs with ZRP System
Flyer describing cultivation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells with the ZRP System
Flyer describing cultivation of human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells with the ZRP System
Poster of Uharek et al. about the cultivation of NK cells
Poster of Aigner et al. describing expansion of antigen-specific T lymphocytes from PBMCs