French Press G-M

It is with great pleasure that we offer to you the latest version of the well established cell disruptor FRENCH PRESS G-M™ Model 11. This new construction has many improvements, but still retains the simplicity and functionality of older models. The unit is designed for use with the Standard PRESSURE CELLS (40 kpsi; 35ml) to achieve the highest pressures available.

For those new to this equipment, we now have a RENTAL PROGRAM describe below to allow for testing prior to a purchase. In addition there are LEASING options to help with funding.

We look forward to helping with all your cell disruption requirements from laboratory scale to full production quantities.

Click here to view the FRENCH PRESS G-M™ Operating Manual (Feb 2007 Rev 1)

Click here to view Mini Cell Pressure Cell 3.7 for FRENCH PRESS G-M™ specifications

Click here to view our YouTube Videos on FRENCH PRESS G-M™ Operating Instructions


– The FRENCH PRESS G-M™ matches the performance of traditional FRENCH PRESSES.
– Old style Standard PRESSURE CELLS (40 kpsi; 35ml) can be used. Sold separately.
– Highest pressure hydraulic press commercially available to disrupt the toughest cells.
– Internal pressures generated within the Standard PRESSURE CELL can attain 40,000 psi.
– Sample volumes to 35ml with Standard PRESSURE CELL; minimal sample loss.
– Highly Polished Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Housing:
150 grit electro polished for sanitary applications and for ease of cleaning
– Large easy to read 6” Hydraulic Pressure Gauge. Mounted prominently on front.
Preferred over a tiny digital display.
– Pressure limits clearly marked on Pressure Gauge.
– Pressure Regulator Valve offers good control, easy to operate.
– Ratio Selector Switch is non-mechanical, twin solenoids for long life.
– Forced air intercooler for hydraulic fluid to maintain proper fluid viscosity.
– Tables for Hydraulic Pressure Gauge reading conversion to Inner PRESSURE CELL pressure conveniently located on front panel.
– All individual electrical components are UL approved.

Enhanced Safety features:

– Automatic Internal Safety Stop prevents Piston from contacting bottom of PRESSURE CELL.
– Automatic hydraulic pressure release when in full down stop position.
– Timer will shutdown motor if inadvertently left running (later versions).
– Prominent E-Stop for added safety.
– Easy access T-handle holder to secure top of Piston.
– High, non-skid feet for ease of cleaning underneath.
– Secure metal ring on platen to hold PRESSURE CELL at bottom in vertical position.
– Hold-down plate across top to secure PRESSURE CELL in place with two easy-turn nuts.
– Low sound levels.
– No pinch points.
– No hot surfaces.

Ready to Run:

– The French Press has been used for over 60 years worldwide. Extensive scientific references available for disrupting many species of microorganisms.
– Protocols transferable from older versions of the French Press.
– Easy to learn; easy to operate; strong customer support.
– Delivered fully assembled and ready for siting and operating.

Technical Description
All stated points subject to change without notice.

Motor: – 1 x 115 Volts x 50/60 Hz, 7.4 amperes.
– 1 x 230 Volts x 50/60 Hz, 3.7 amperes .
– Other voltages and phases available.

ON-OFF Electrical Control: Switch on front. Secondary electrical isolation switch on back.

Ratio Selector Switch three positions: DOWN / MEDIUM / HIGH

Hydraulic Press: – Sealed liquid system
– Reservoir capacity of about two quart (two liters)

Maximum Dimensions of Unit: Width 22” (56cm) x Depth 21” (54cm) x Height 39” (99 cm)

Shipping Dimensions, on pallet: Estimate… 48” x 48” x 40”? 500 lbs.

Weight: Approximately 450 lbs. (200 kg). Note: Must be placed on strong cart, table, or floor.

Delivery: From stock or about eight weeks (115 volt). For 230 volts inquire about time.

as described above; Pressure Cell additional

Catalog No. 5500-000011 — 1 x 115-volt x 50/60 Hz
Catalog No. 5500-000011-230 — 1 x 230-volt x 50/60 Hz

Catalog No. 6800-FA-032 Standard PRESSURE CELL –40,000 psi; 35ml
With Filling Stand and Spare Parts


It is our pleasure to present this Offer for Rental of the FRENCH PRESS G-M™ (or older FRENCH PRESS versions) and for the Purchase of the Standard PRESSURE CELL (40 kpsi; 35ml).

The renting allows for extensive testing to prove suitability of this technology before purchase.
Additionally, the program allows for completing short term projects without major capital expenditures.
Offer is for US and Canada locations. Limited numbers of units are available.

Rental periods are one month minimum, no time limits. The PRESSURE CELL is not returnable.