Dry Milling and Grinding (Comminution) Equipment

Glen Mills distributes and maintains stock of equipment from some of the world’s best manufacturers of Dry Grinding and Milling equipment.

Styles of mills we sell include; Jet Mills, Ball Mills, Jar Mills, Jaw Crushers, Disc Mills, Hammer MillsCutting Mills, Dish and Puck Mills, and Mortar Grinders. Please see below for a listing of equipment categorized by possible achievable fineness:

Fine Grinding (sub-micron to 50 microns)

Ultra Centrifugal Mill ZM200

Ultra Centrifugal Mill ZM200
Cyclone Twister Mill
Rotor Beater Mill SR200
Rotor Beater Mill SR300
High Speed Mixer Mill MM200
High Speed Mixer Mill MM400
Cryo Mill
Planetary Ball Mill PM100
Planetary Ball Mill PM200
Planetary Ball Mill PM400
Laboratory Jet Mill
Electric Mortar Grinder RM200
Agate Products
Jar Mill

Mid-Range Grinding (40 to 500 microns)

Dish and Puck Mill LM1.5
Dish and Puck Mill LM2
Dish and Puck Mill LM5
Jaw Crusher BB51
Jaw Crusher BB100
Jaw Crusher BB200
Jaw Crusher BB300
Cross Beater Mill SK100
Grindomix GM200
Grindomix GM300
Cutting Mill SM100
Cutting Mill SM200
Cutting Mill SM300
Polymix® / Micro Hammer-Cutter Mill
#43 Disc Mill
Disc Mill DM200

Coarse Grinding (200 to 2000 microns)

Hammer Mills
LaMilpa Mill