RoHS Grinding and Sample Prep

SM300 Cutting MillGlen Mills Inc. is the primary supplier of equipment to comply with the Mechanical Sample Preparation section of “Procedures for the Determination of Levels of Regulated Substances in Electrotechnical Products” produced by the IEC ACEA ad hoc Working Group. Download Version 1.0 Download Version 1.0 (PDF 605 kb). This standard is the precursor to RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) and WEEE (Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment) legislation being proposed in the U.S. and Europe.

Glen Mills Inc. provides one-stop shopping for the three major components of the sample preparation section: Cutting Mill SM300 for coarse grinding, Turbula® Shaker Mixer for homogenizing, and the Ultra Centrifugal Mill ZM200 for fine grinding.

Coarse Grinding: The Cutting Mill SM300 is used for the coarse grinding step. Two passes through the mill are recommended by the specification. Our clients have experimented with various screen sizes and have found that the 10.0mm and 4.0mm screens generally produce the best results. Screens from 0.25mm up to 20.0mm are available. For more information Turbula T2Fregarding the Cutting Mill SM300, please click here.

Homogenizing: The Turbula® Shaker Mixer is used to provide a completely homogenized mix prior to fine grinding. A sub-sample is removed from the mixture after the mixing cycle is complete. This sub-sample is completely representative of the bulk sample. For more information regarding the Turbula® Shaker Mixer, please click here .

Fine Grinding: The sub-sample removed from the Turbula® Shaker Mixer is further processed in the Ultra Centrifugal Mill ZM200. A 250 micron (0.25mm) wear resistant coated screen is recommended along with a 6-tooth wear resistant coated rotor. A pre-grind with a 1.0mm screen may be required for some materials. Cryogenic grinding is also an option with this mill. Certain materials will require freezing prior to processing to ensure ZM200 Rotor Millthey are brittle enough to be ground. Optional extras include a vibratory feeder and cyclone collecting vessel for larger quantities. For more information regarding the Ultra Centrifugal Mill ZM200, please click here.

Custom systems: Glen Mills Inc. can assist customizing a system to meet your specific application. To request further details from Glen Mills Inc. please call 973-777-0777 or e-mail