dyna-Mix® 3-Dimensional Shaker-Mixer

The dyna-Mix® is used in many different areas of production. These are, for example, the homogenization of different dry components, the support of lengthy dissolution processes, or the application or introduction of active or flavoring agents

The principle of the patented dyna-Mix® shaker-mixer is based on its controlled three-dimensional movements. This motion is generated by using a hinged universal joint for mounting of the container and results from two vertically superimposed rotations. The movements ensure a gentle, constant and reproducible mixing process at all times

The clamping device for containers can be adapted to the actual circumstances which incorporates individual needs. Therefore, the look of each machine may be different, regardless of the model size chosen

The modern, easy to handle PLC control system enables you to work with the highest flexibility. You can store up to eight different recipes with the mixing duration and rotational speed. The rotational speed can be infinitely adjusted using the two frequency converters

The dyna-Mix® has proven itself in the following fields of application:

  • Powder coating
  • Dental ceramics and plastics
  • Battery manufacturing
  • Heavy metals/hard metals
  • Tea
  • Plastics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Foodstuffs
  • Cosmetics
dyna-Mix® 100 dyna-Mix® 200 dyna-Mix® 500
Useful volume (l)1 32-96 100-200 240-520
Container volume (l)1 40-120 125-250 300-650
Max. load (kg) 200 600 900
Rotational speed (min-1)1 0-30 0-30 0-25
Power drive motor outer axis (kW) 3 4 5,5
Power drive motor inner axis (kW) 1.1 1.5 2.2
Total connected load required (kW) 5 7 11
With lifting frame No No Yes
Min. load capacity per supporting 250 400 650
Empty weight (kg) 1300 1800 3000
Dimensions (mm) 2550×1550

1 Depending on container dimensions and product density

dyna-Mix® 1000 upon request.