Rotary Evaporator

Glen Mills’ offers a line of Rotary Evaporators and all accessories.

Glen Mills Inc. Rotary Evaporator

Rotary Evaporator N-1300 Vertical and Sloped Condensers












  • Standard lab kit include RV, Water Bath, 2-liter
  • Evaporating Flasks sizes starting from 50ml
  • Water Bath (to 80oC) and Oil Bath (to 180oC)
  • Insulating covers to reduce dew condenser and nozzle parts.
  • Compact, space saving with sloped condenser.
  • Stable and solid construction.
  • DC motor runs cool and long life.
  • Can be positions for left or right side access. Fits into any hood.
  • Spring loaded jack with high clearance over bath. Optional auto jack.
  • Newly developed vacuum seal ensures long life and stable vacuum.
  • Clever glass flange to prevent condensate falling back into sample
  • Rotation speed is memorized with B type which features high reproducibility of rotation speed.
  • Threaded plastic hose-to-glass connectors. Quickly remove lines with no strain on glass fittings.
  • Programmable vacuum profile to eliminate “bumping”
  • Wide selections of functional features

Rotary Evaporator – Catalog and Price