Sampling / Sieving

Sample Division

For accurate sample division, the Sample Divider PT100, Rotating Tube Divider PT200, and SamplePT100 Sample Divider Splitters produce consistent results from batch to batch.

Sample Divider PT100 – Table Top

Rotating Tube Divider PT200

Sample Splitters

Even difficult powders are rapidly mixed completely homogeneously, in your own containers of any shape and size. Then any single or multiple number of samples can be taken, each truly representative of the bulk.

TURBULA® Shaker-Mixerpowder-turbula_t2f

Sieve Shaker

Accurate sieving is as important as the sample division. Multiple size Sieve Shakers are available with options for utilization of a wide range of screens and sieving accessories.

Sieve Shakers

Sieving Screens