Z®RP Technology
Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering with
Glenmills/Zellwerk Z®RP
“Cells Working for You”
Doped inorganic Sponceram® (patent pending) is molded into macro-porous discs for use in the Z®RP Bioreactor®.
  • Available in 5 different porosity levels to suit all applications, the absorbent surfaces allow cells to anchor themselves quickly and distribute themselves uniformly.
  • Tissue-like structures develop quickly and show many features found in natural tissues:
  • Morphology
  • Organization
  • Division
  • Differentiation
  • Cells remain vital and productive for months. Excellent post processing patterns are observed during the production of glycoproteins. Refer to these product info notes in PDF format for more details on Sponceram discs.
  • ECM-embedded cells are removed from Sponceram discs by the fast rotation of the discs in special enzyme solutions. Refer to these application notes in PDF format for more details on removing the cells from the scaffold.