Heartbreaker 12/2 Tissue Disruptor for Twelve, 2 ml Tubes

Tubes containing substances and beads are subjected to horizontal strikes causing vigorous motion and a powerful disrupting effect. It can be used in a cold room or placed in a refrigerator in order to keep samples at a low temperature and eliminate noise. There is no heating of samples, due to the fast disruption process.

More than 90% of research and thousands of clinical labs routinely homogenize tissues for their research. An essential step in this process is breaking of tissues with glass beads. The Heartbreaker 12/2 offers users unique advantages over existing treatment technologies.

Tissue Disruptor for twelve 2ml tubes

The Heartbreaker 12/2 disrupts bacteria, plant and animal tissue in 2 ml screw-cap microvial tubes containing glass, ceramic or metal beads. Tubes containing substances are subjected to about 1,200 oscillations/strikes per minute, which induces vigorous motion of the substance and beads inside the tube. The performance of the Heartbreaker 12/2 equals or exceeds that of any other type or brand of tissue disrupter. The process allows high yield isolation of DNA, RNA or proteins. The method is ideal for DNA and RNA sequencing application, PAGE, immunoblotting and PCR. Disposable beads and vials provide zero cross-contamination between samples.

Laboratory trials have shown that the disruption of muscle tissues takes about 2 minutes, and that of sturdy plant leaves takes 3.5 – 4.5 minutes.

The device can process 12 tubes simultaneously. The device is ideal for use in cold rooms, or can be placed in a refrigerator to keep samples at low temperature.  There is no heating of samples during processing.

Capacity – 12 tubes 2ml volume.

Structure: specially developed spring system for radial horizontal oscillation of multiple test tubes (US Patent issued)

Size/weight – 11 x 9 x 5 in / 6,5 lb

Oscillation speed – 18/sec

Convenient loading and discharging of tubes