Turbula T2F – 2 Liter Powder Mixer Shaker

The mixing basket can hold any form of container having a maximum volume of 2 liters. The containers are fastened in place by twisted rubber rings. The basket movement is driven by elastic drive belts and an eccentric drive gear. The speed can be varied by adjusting the position of the drive belts on its 5 step pulleys. The speed can also be adjusted optional frequency converter set up next to the machine.

The TURBULA® T2F used in all industries and application fields, especially in research, development, and analysis.

Motor (kW): 0.18
Connections (V, Hz) 1 x 110-127, 50/60
1 x 220-240, 50/60
Speed (min-1): 23/34/49/72/101
Standard Container Size (L): Max 2
Container sizes with rubber clamping rings: Max 130 mm x 215 mm diameter
Max load including container: 6(23-101 min-1)
10(23-72 min-1)
Weight of machine (kg): 38
Dimensions closed:Dimensions open: 501 x 608 x 393501 x 667 x 772