About Us

Glen Mills Inc. is a forty year old company providing solutions primarily in the field of sample preparation to lab professionals, researchers and engineers around the world. We can help with grinding and comminution equipment (wet and dry), blending and sampling equipment and grinding media of all types.

But we’re more than just machines and equipment.

Our knowledgeable staff provides a link between your applications needs and the solution.

Benefits to you include:

  • SAVE TIME: A “one stop” source that includes over 50 different mills, mixers and other sample prep products.
  • INCREASED CONFIDENCE: Free evaluation of your material and the availability of Rental Equipment for in-depth trials in your own facility before purchase ensure success.
  • ADDRESS SHORT TERM NEEDS: No long term commitments on our rental equipment – use it for the duration of your project, then send it back. We can also help with TOLLING – let us do the work for you here.

Glen Mills, your source for:

  • 3D Inversion Powder Mixers
  • Dry Milling Equipment
  • Wet Milling Equipment
  • Sampling Equipment
  • Sieving Equipment
  • Cell Disruption Equipment
  • Grinding Media
  • Precision Balls
  • Artistic Glass Products

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