AS 200 Jet Sieve Shaker

The new Air Jet Sieve AS 200 jet is particularly suitable for sieve cuts of powdered materials which require efficient dispersion and deagglomeration. The option to store up to 10 SOPs and the automatic vacuum regulator (accessory) guarantees reproducible and meaningful results.

Innovative features such as the Open Mesh function, the selection of the nozzle speed as well as optional use of standard 2″ high test sieves perfects the new air jet technology.

Application Examples

Ceramics, Chemical Products, Cosmetics, Food, Minerals, Pharmaceutical Materials, Pigments, Plastics, Powder Coating, Rubber, Toner, Washing Powder, …

Product Advantages

  • Sieving with air jet technology for dispersion and desagglomeration of fine powders
  • Open Mesh Function to reduce the number of near-mesh particles
  • High flexibility through adjustable nozzle speed
  • Operation with standard Retsch sieves, 203 mm (8″)Ø or 200 mm Ø (with adapter), 1″ or 2″ high
  • Free manual (standard) or automatic (accessory) pressure regulation
  • Optional software EasySieve for control through RS232 serial interface, easy evaluation and documentation of results
  • Free digital adjustment of all process parameters (time, vacuum, speed)
  • Additional Quick Start mode
  • Silent operation due to integrated silencer
  • Collection of two fractions possible by use of cyclone
  • Air jet produced by a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner
  • Fulfils all criteria for measuring equipment related to ISO 9001
  • Easy operation, ergonomic design
  • Maintenance-free
  • Memory for up to 9 SOPs

Function Principle

The AS 200 jet is equipped with a rotating slotted nozzle. The sieve and lid are placed above the nozzle. A vacuum generates a strong jet of air which disperses the particles on the sieve through the slotted nozzle. The material which is smaller than the mesh size of the sieve is transported by the back flow of the air to the cyclone or to the vacuum cleaner. The air jet helps to deagglomerate the particles and constantly purges the sieve mesh.

Applications: Separation, Fractioning, Particle Size Determination
Field of Application: Chemistry / Plastics, Construction Materials, Environment / Recycling, Food, Geology / Metallurgy, Glass / Ceramics, Medicine / Pharmaceuticals
Feed Material: Powders
Measuring Range: 10 µm – ~ 4 mm
Sieving Motion: Dispersion by Air Jet
Max. Batch / Feed Capacity: 0.3 – 100 g
Max. Number of Fractions: 1 (by using a cyclone: 2)
Speed: Digital, 5 – 55 min-1 (Nozzle)
Time Display: Digital, 00:01 – 99:59 min
Vacuum: 2,000 – 9,999 Pa / 20 – 99 mbar / 0.3 – 1.45 psi
Storable SOPs: 9 / Quick Start mode
Suitable for Dry Sieving: Yes
Serial Interface: Yes
Including Test Certificate / Can be Calibrated: Yes
Suitable Sieve Diameters: 203 mm (200 mm with adapter)
Max. Height of Sieve Stack: 1 sieve (25 mm (1″) / 50 mm ( 2″))
Accessories: Cyclone / Automatic Vacuum Regulation
Electrical Supply Data: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power Connection: 1-Phase
W x H x D: 460 x 288 x 305 (Without cover)
Net weight: ~ 16 kg
Standards: CE