Eyela N-2100 Series Rotary Evaporator


■ Desktop type evaporator to accept 2L or 5L flask. Motorized auto jack ensures smooth up/down movement.
■ Main unit is common to all models.
■ N-21 DOR: 2L reflux type condenser which is suitable for refining/reaction of condensed solvents.
■ N-21 DOU: 2L lower part cooling type condenser which is suitable for samples easy to bump or disperse.
■ N-2100: 5L type condenser.
■ RF·UF·F: Eyela glass coating type
■ Setting of rotation speed and temperature can be done by control panel attached to base of main unit. Even when the unit is placed inside fume hood.minimum open space is required for setting.
■ By using joint adapter and vacuum seal (option), Ts 29/38 sample flask can be used.