Synetube Sonitube

The ultrasonic homogenization equipment developed by SYNETUDE generates a high shear power, allowing the elimination of agglomerates and the dispersion of powders, nanopowders, proteins… Designed to meet current pharmaceutical standards, our technologies combine quality, ease of use, reliability and reduced maintenance. They are widely used in the production of human and animal vaccines.

Meeting the highest standards

Flow: mL/second to m3/hour
High efficiency and low energy consumption
Aseptic Design: GMP, cGMP and FDA
ONLINE cleaning and sterilization NEP – MS

Collecting Cells on Microcarriers

SONITUBE® is commonly used for the production of antigens for the development of human and veterinary vaccines. The implosion of cavitation bubbles easily detaches cells from micro-supports such as Cytodex® and Hillex®.

Cellular Lyse

Sonication maximizes the release of nucleic acids and occurs after cell harvesting. These cells are mainly derived from two types of viral cultures either in vivo on embryonic eggs or in vitro in rolling vials, multiwell plates or bioreactors.

De-agglomération of protein chains

The problem of agglomeration of protein chains is easily solved through the use of ultrasound. The production of acellular vaccines uses our SONITUBE® for their aseptic execution.

Fine Chemistry

From a sustainable development perspective, sonochemistry is the perfect ally to synthesize your most complex molecules. Reactions are carried out safely in our continuous and closed systems for highly active and quality products.

Cristallisation / Sonocristallisation

The application of ultrasound in crystallization operations (by cooling, heating or chemical reaction) accelerates the formation of the solid, or reduces induction time and reduces the size of crystals formed with equivalent oversaturation.  Ultrasound could be an alternative to the often used industrial seeding. Indeed, the use of ultrasound results in the formation of a large number of nuclei in a short time.

A specific device for continuous crystallization, the SONOCRISTALTM, was designed jointly by our company in collaboration with the RAPSODEE centre. It offers a new way of applying ultrasound, maximizing their effect while minimizing dissipated energy.

Vegetable extraction

Also known as ultrasonic eco-extraction, this cold process promotes extraction rates while preserving sensitive molecules. Unlike conventional protocols, this rapid extraction reduces the energy and solvents consumed. Used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic production, SONITUBE® contributes to respect for the environment, hygiene and safety rules.


SYNETUDE homogenizers significantly reduce investment costs and electricity consumption. Unlike high-pressure or rotor/stator systems, the SONITUBE® has no moving parts. Only the vibration wave spreads through the acoustic chain.


On the other hand are high shear power, sonITUBE®, decluttering the particulate clumps present in powderorous or granular materials. The resulting dispersion presents finer particles with a more uniform distribution. Used to make dabbling sofds containing ceramic powders, ultrasound will make it possible to obtain compact and homogeneous granules after atomization.


Ultrasound propagated in a heterogeneous medium splits one of the liquid phases into microdroplets. Our homogenizers produce fine and stable emulsions while reducing the use of emulsifiers. These fluid emulsions, made up of blood cells of less than 1 m, are used in particular for the encapsulation of active ingredients and the development of creams.

Reducing viscosity

For very short treatment times, the rheological properties of the shaded suspensions change considerably. SONITUBE® reduces apparent viscosity while ensuring excellent reproducibility. Used before gas or centrifugal atomization, it allows an increase in the rate of dry matter and thus contributes to the increase of production capacity.


Thanks to the phenomenon of acoustic cavitation, our technologies efficiently extract dissolved gases from liquids. Our applications include lightweight molten alloys, inks and buffer solutions. In pharmacotechnics, the coupling of vacuum with ultrasound significantly improves the deoxygenation of injectable solutes.

Continuous cleaning

The tubular sonITUBE® is used to clean metal, synthetic and mineral products. Its efficiency, 20 times greater than conventional cleaning bins, gives it the possibility of increased linear speed on products passing through it. For a compact and easily implantable system on your production lines, it increases processing capacity tenfold.

Technology coupling

The synergy between our ultrasonic systems and the technologies of the future opens new horizons to your continuous processes. The coupling of ultrasound with microwaves, UV, enzymes, super-critical fluids and many others leads to increased yields and productivity. SYNETUDE, in collaboration with many industrial and scientific partners, is committed to developing innovative and sustainable solutions.



SonITUBE ® 20kHz is an industrial tubular reactor to process liquids continuously under ultrasound.
It is designed according to GMP, is provided with its QI/QO file necessary for its integration into cosmetic and pharmaceutical laboratories.

– Frequency: 20 kHz
– Adjustable power: 600 W to 1250 W
– Debit: 200 to 500 L/h
Many accessories complete our range: soundproofing box, flow and temperature control, touch screen, ethernet interface..