Alphie 2 Liter Manual 3D Tumble Mixer

The motion of Alphie mixer is based on the kinematic inversion principle. The unusual, three-dimensional mixing motion quickly and efficiently produces a homogeneous substance regardless of specific weight of the substances being mixed. This makes it an ideal powder blender or liquid mixer.

Manual Alphie Mixer brings same technology power – generating rhythmic and pulsating movement controlled naturally by hand. Added with the mobility!

Typical applications

It is ideal for use in R & D laboratories, educational institutes, small batch production industry, food/nutrition, pharmaceuticals, metal powder, resin and plastic powder, restaurants, bars and kitchens, bakery, spices, concentrates and many more applications


Suitable for liquid as well as powder
Haindie Mixer can be used for mixing liquid as well as powder.
The mixing motion works effectively well for either of the mixing ingredients.
Container can be filled from 40% to as high as 80% depending upon the application.

Portable in size
Haindie is perfectly sized to keep on working table or even in a cup board. It has its own self standing base.

Easy to fix container
Haindie offers effortless fixing of the container using silicone straps. No tools are needed. They are suitably numbered for container size


Easy to operate
Just hold the handle by one hand and rotate the knob by another hand. It’s as simple as that! Make it fast or slow depending upon your requirement.

Use of stainless steel
No use of powder coated carbon steel. All exposed steel parts are stainless steel grade AISI 304.

Not so heavy to carry
Haindie weight is about 9 kg, making easy to lift and carry. Ergonomically designed wide grab handle allows shifting easy.

Maintenance free joints
All joints are fitted with maintenance / lubrication free bearings. It just keeps on running.

Attachment to fix 1.0 Ltr Pet / HDPE Bottle
Mixing balls of stainless steel or tungsten carbide of various diameters.
Mixing container of stainless steel / glass / plastic
Fasteners to fix mixer on table permanently
Fixing clamp to grip with table top
Spare of Silicone straps – 1.5 Ltr and 2 Ltr Bottle


Capacity (L)


Max mixing mass (kg)


Overall Dimensions

350 mm Wide x 320 mm Deep x 250 mm Height

Max Container / Bottle Size 

Dia 115 mm x 210 mm Long

Total Weight

9.0 kg