Alphie 50 Liter 3D Powder Mixer

Alphie 3D mixers are ideal for homogeneous mixing of powder – be it with different bulk density or different proportion of mixing or different shape and particle size. The best part is, separate and detachable mixing drums / containers / bins are loaded inside the mixing cage, meaning no cross contamination and exposure to work environment.

Our 50 liter model uses identical principals as the smaller R & D scale models. It means the machine shall rotate in similar three dimensional motion and shall yield same results.

Typical applications

It is ideal for use in medium to large batch production industries like food / nutrition, pharmaceuticals, metal powder, resin and plastic powder, bakery, spices, concentrates, nuclear fuel and many more applications.


Standard mixers are built with structure made from Carbon steel. They are powder coated material after surface preparation.

We also offer GMP design where all exposed parts are made from Stainless Steel AISI 304 material.

The best feature of the Alphie mixer is that – the mixing drum is removable. So, the powder does not go to the mixer. But the powder filled and sealed container goes to the mixer. And hence, there is no chance of powder being exposed to the atmosphere while using the mixer.

Another advantage is, the mixing container material can be supplied to suit your application – Stainless steel / Plastic / Glass / Gun Metal / Aluminium etc.

Ability to fit any smaller shape / size / material of container:

All the mixers are designed in such a way, that smaller size / shape of container can be accommodated. Even, one can fit more than one containers also in the space.

Suitable container holders can be supplied along with the mixer, so the drum is held firmly in the mixer and does not shift / move.

Mixing drums can be inserted in the mixer either manually or using Electric hoist or Hydraulic Lifter. Other loading options available as per application

All mixers are built with a safety rail guard to protect human from moving parts. The mixer shall stop, if the guard is opened and mixer can not start unless the guard is closed.

Various guard designs are offered like – fully covered plexi glass construction, guard on wheels etc as per customer requirements.

After cycle completion, mixer stops at predefined position on its own for easy drum loading and unloading.

Alphie mixers are built with HMI / PLC panel and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) as standard supply. User can set the Container Speed, Mixing time and Mixing direction.

Mixer panel is programmed with the ability to set mixing in forward direction for some part of mixing cycle and in reverse direction in other part of cycle time. This is especially beneficial for mixing diverse density material.

Mixer has Recipe mode, where speed and time can be set with password protection.

Our control panels are built accordance to CE certification.

Choose from varieties of mixing containers from stainless steel, Aluminum, Plastic, Glass, Gun Metal etc.

Stainless steel containers are offered in AISI 304 as well as AISI 316L material with silicone gasket.

We offer holders where multiple containers can be fitted.

As an optional feature, Alphie 10 can be constructed to have provision to inject liquid in the mixing chamber while mixer is running. A pre defined quantity of liquid at required interval can be inserted in mixing container without stopping the mixer.

Option of mixing in controlled atmosphere using glove box / isolator (+ve or -ve pressure) mixer stand

Alphie mixers can be designed and manufactured so the mixing drum can remain in the Glove box / Isolator and drive part remain outside.


Capacity (L)


* Effective Capacity @ 80% (L)


Max mixing mass (kg)

60 /90

Motor Power

3.0 / 5.0 hp

Power Supply

3 phase, 220 V

Container Revolution (rpm)

10 - 40

Max Container Size (m)

1400 x 1900 x 1000

Machine Weight (kg)



How much should I fill the material in mixing bottle? 

It is always good not to fill more than 70% of bottle total volume. We recommend filling up to 40 – 50%. Mixing time increases exponentially when filled more than 50% of volume.

What should be the correct mixing speed?   

It is not correct to assume that running at high speed will do fast and better mixing. In many applications, high speed gives adverse mixing results. In normal mixing cases, mixing at 50% of maximum permissible speed should be sufficient to start with.

Is there any preference on mixing direction? Should i rotate the bottle in clockwise or anti clockwise direction?

There is no preference or rule of mixing direction. You can rotate in any direction suitable to you. However, few of the customers have got better and quicker mixing results when rotated in one direction for half the time and in opposite direction in remaining half batch time.

How long should I mix?   

This depends on many variables like % of bottle filled, powder condition etc. However, most applications start getting results in 5 to 15 minutes. Its a myth that more mixing gives better homogeneity.

Is there any shear force acting while mixing?   

Alphie mixer runs on the principle of kinematic inversion. So, the bottle does not rotate, but it inverts. So this is theoretically zero shear force mixing.

Can Alphie be used for liquid mixing also?   

Yes, Alphie can be used for powder, liquid and suspensions.

What is the material of mixing container suitable for my application?   

Stainless Steel AISI 304 is material suitable for most application. If application is Pharmaceutical or Food; AISI 316L is used. We offer Aluminum / Gun metal containers for explosive powder mixing; Plastic containers are good for other many applications.

How can I fit smaller containers in mixer?   

We can supply suitable design adapters for fixing smaller container in Alphie mixer. If you are planning to fit say 20 Ltr container in Alphie 90; we shall supply fixing adapter for it along with the mixer.

How can I load the drum in the mixer, as they are enough heavy not to be fitted manually?   

We offer Container handling hoist for large capacity mixers. We have electric hoist fitted with the mixer in normal cases. For some cases we offer hydraulic lifters also for drum handling.

Does big capacity Alphie mixer needs grouting or foundation?   

Mixers supplied up to 35 liter are supplied with self leveling pads. You just keep on flat surface and level it by levelling pads of mixer. Mixers 50 liter and above can be grouted.

Can we add balls in mixing container?   

Yes, suitable size stainless steel or other material balls can be added. They can be sourced from us also.

How can I learn more about how to use this mixer?   

Mixer is supplied with Instruction Manual copy placed inside the tray. Further, a QR code sticker has been placed on the body of mixer near its name plate. Scanning it, will take you to the video of how to use this mixer.

Do you send CE certificate and other documents with the mixer?   

Yes, if your mixer is supplied as CE compliance mixer; certificate shall be sent along with the mixer. All mixers are marked with QR code, scanning which you can find all related documents and operating video.

Can you supply mixer complying CE requirement?   

Yes, Alphie 20 can be supplied complying the CE requirements.

Can I buy more containers?   

Yes, you can plan to buy while purchasing the mixer or can buy later also separately. We keep stock of all size of bottles with us.