SK-10000T/TV Planetary Centrifugal Mixer

Model equipped for both high speed revolution and a wide radius gyration, supporting for the production of high quality materials.
The timing by which the revolving speed of rotation increases is controlled to improve the mixing rate of powders and liquids and sustains the generation of lumps.

2 cups x 10 Liters

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Standard container 10L x 2cups

(Other containers such as 10L bottle are available under detailed discussion with us.)

Other containers Other smaller containers and syringes/cartridges are available by optional adaptors.
Max. processing quantity 10kg per one cup-holder

(including container and adaptor)

Revolution speed 100-400rpm (9 levels variable)
Rotation speed 0.0-1.0 times of rotation (10 levels variable)
Setup time / steps 10-300 seconds x 5 steps
Memory of operation data

(Revolution, rotation, time)

User setup channel : 90CH

Fixed setup channel : 10CH

Driving Gears
Power supply AC200-240V, 50/60Hz
Electricity consumption 20kW, approx.
Outside dimension 1,900W x 1,300D x 980H 1,900W x 1,300D x 980H

(excluding pump unit)