300ml Planetary Mixing & Degassing

A new entry model (SK-300SII) with enhanced functions!
“Medium mode” for minimizing mixing heat
“Wave mode” of enhancing mixing and dispersing force

300ml × 1 cup

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Mode setting according to the application

K-300SII, the new Medium mode has been added to the existing “mixing mode/degassing mode”.
Easy operation keeps same, it offers a wider range of applications and a selection of modes suited for the material.

Equipped with a balance navigation function

The balance can be adjusted easily for the unbalance detection and balance navigation functions.

Compatible with 300 ml containers/max. 310 g

Despite its compact size, this model can be used to process 300 ml containers weighing a maximum of 310 g (gross weight)!!

Designed with a full range of safety functions

This unit is designed with such considerations for safety as top lid lock, operation lock during while the lid is open and a malfunction prevention mechanism. In addition, the unbalance error detection and a full range of functions for warning and notifying of motor problems or maintenance set alarm with peace of mind.

Cup size 300ml×1cup Mximum310g (Gross Weight)
No. of revolutions Mixer mode 200-2000rpm
Medium Mode 200-2000rpm
Degassing mode 400-2200rpm
No. of rotations Mixing mode follows at 40% of revolutions
Medium Mode follows at 20% of revolutions
Degassing mode follows at 3% of revolutions
Time of setting Maximum 30 minutes (Total 9steps)
Step mode Continues operation with 10 different action patterns(Condition setting) possible.
Memory channel 0-9channel
Power supply voltage Single Phase AC200V-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption About 1,380W
External measurements W340x D315xH370(mm)
Weight Approx. 24kg

※ Medium mode/Wave mode are exclusively for SK-300SII. ※ In case of wave mode, revolution speed would differ up and down based on setting speed, with this reason, rotation speed follows up and down, too like wave. ※ Wave mode has revolving speed limitation ( Revolution: 1,000-1,790 rpm/ Rotation: about 400-716rpm)