SK-300SVII Planetary Centrifugal Mixer with Vacuum

A compact, vacuum function, 1-cup, reasonable model with a simple mechanism.
With low revolving speed of 400G centrifugal force, it enables to control thermal elevation of materials.

300ml × 1 cup

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Equipped with a vacuum machine for increased degassing performance!

The vacuum machine makes it possible to eliminate even finer air bubbles, so it can be expected to improve the conductivity and insulation performance demanded of electronic materials, to prevent reduced yield rate due to bubbles in optical material as well as to prevent injection of air due to air bubbles in syringes.
Furthermore, due to the external vacuum pump, facilitating such daily maintenance as checking or replacing the oil. You can also use your own vacuum pump.
(Please consult us separately if you wish to use a non-standard vacuum pump.)

Equipped with a balance dial jog

The balance can be adjusted simply by turning a dial, reducing setting time.

Simple 1-cup mechanism

The Kakuhunter SK-300SVII planetary centrifugal mixer with vacuum machine uses a simple 1-cup (300 ml capacity) mechanism, but offers the same specifications as upper grade models for the setting times (10 to 300 sec. × 5 steps) and setting channels (100 channels: 10 fixed channels and 90 user-set channels).


Example of degassing in a syringe

The 400 G centrifugal force and vacuum function together enable accurate degassing even of air bubbles in syringes.