SK-1100TVII / SK-1100TVSII Planetary Centrifugal Mixer with Vacuum

A model with a vacuum reduced pressure function suited for medium-scale production.
The individual revolution and rotation speed control system and wide radius gyration generate centrifugal force even at low revolving speeds, sustaining material of thermal elevation and composition change.

1100ml × 2 cups

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2 types of cup trays are available: straight (SK-1100TVII) and shifted (SK-1100TVSII), selectable according to the purpose.

While the straight type prioritizes throughput of materials, the shifted type offers improved mixing capability as compared to the straight type by increasing the contact part between the container inner wall and material.

* The effect differs depending on the material. Select the type according to the required throughput and mixing performance.


Watch video of SK-1100TV with Long Barrel Syringes

Cup size 1100ml × 2cup Less than 100cc various syringe type available Less than 170cc various syringe type available
Other containers Multiple containers and syringes can be used by using an adopter.
Number of revolution 9 Stage setup
Number of rotation 10 Stage setup (But it can be restricted up to revolution speed)
Setup time 10-300 seconds x 5 steps
Step Mode 5 Step 5 different kinds of motion pattern It can do continuous operation (on condition setup)
Memory (Condition memory function) User Setup Channel Fixed Data Channel 90 CH 10 CH
Power supply Three phase AC200V±10% 50/60Hz
Power consumption 3.0kW
Outer dimension W761×D781×H824 (mm) (Pump is separately provided)
Weight About 260Kg(Pump is separately provided)