SK-300TVSII 600ml Planetary Centrifugal Mixer with Vacuum

A high function model with a vacuum reduced pressure function.
The individual revolution and rotation speed control system and the shifted cup tray enhance mixing performance and provide effective degassing.

300ml × 2 cups

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Equipped with a vacuum machine for enhanced degassing performance!

The vacuum machine makes it possible to eliminate even very finer air bubbles, so it can be expected to even further improve the conductivity and insulation performance demanded of electronic materials, reduce the rate of defective products due to bubbles in optical materials and prevent injection of air due to air bubbles in syringes.

A shifted cup tray is used on the rotation axis to enhance mixing performance!

By shifting the cup tray on the rotation axis and increasing the contact part between the container inner wall and material, mixing capability is increased as compared to straight type (with straight cup trays) and the lump occurrence of the material is reduced. Furthermore, elongated containers such as long cartridges or syringes can be installed, and the distance from the revolution axis can be maintained, enabling uniform mixing.

Cup size 300ml × 2 cups Less than 55cc various syringe type available.
Other containers Multiple containers and syringes can be used by using an adopter.
Speed of revolution Settable in 9 steps
Speed of rotation Settable in 10 steps (But it can be restricted up to revolution speed)
Settable time 10-300 sec. × 5 steps
Step mode 5 steps Continuous operation with 5 different operation patterns (condition settings) is possible
Memory channel (condition setting memory) User settable channels Fixed data channels 90 10
Power supply voltage Single phase AC 100V±10% 50/60Hz
Power consumption 1.5kW
External dimensions W455 × D540 × H495(㎜)
Main unit weight Approx. 80kg(Pump is separately provided)