SK-350TII Planetary Centrifugal Mixer

90 different revolution-rotation speed patterns are available by varying the ratio of revolution and rotation.
A high function model for covering from research and development to small-scale production.

400 ml × 2 cups  Compatible with various types of syringe

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Advanced functions added to the basic model equipped with the individual revolution and rotation speed control system

This model is equipped with a function allowing the speeds of revolution and rotation to be set separately. By using 2 cups with a 400 ml capacity and weighing a maximum of 350 grams※, up to 700 grams of material can be mixed and degassed.
A new high speed mode and a separation prevention mode which sustain separation of materials with different specific gravities (such as powder materials and liquids) have been added, providing advanced functions in addition to the basic functions.

* The maximum weight depends on the properties of the material. This weight includes containers and adapters.

Cup size 400ml × 2cups Various syringes
Other containers Multiple containers and syringes can be used by using an adopter.
Speed of revolution Settable in 9 steps
Speed of rotation Settable in 10 steps
Settable time 10-300 sec. × 5 steps
Step mode 5 steps Continuous operation with 5 different operation patterns (condition settings) is possible
Memory channel (condition setting memory) User settable channels Fixed data channels 90 10
Power supply voltage Single phase AC200-240VAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption About 1,380W
External dimensions W400 × D482 × H495(㎜)
Main unit weight Approx. 50kg