Are your cannabis products pesticide free? Do you know the potency?

In order to obtain reliable and accurate results, the sample must be prepared properly! Retsch, as the world leader in sample preparation, provides laboratory mills for size reduction and sample homogenization to ensure reliable analytical results. As the Cannabis industry continues to grow, laws and regulations continue to evolve in order to ensure that the quality of the product meets the standards for safety and labeling.

Testing labs and manufacturers also continue in their testing demands and requirements to report compliance, regardless of product matrix, as the testing of Cannabis products includes both flower and edible forms. Due to the complexity of the various matrices, there are many challenges to overcome in preparing the sample adequately for analysis.

As a result of this demand, RETSCH is putting to use its full product portfolio to help process and prepare samples. Whether the samples are gummy bears, brownies, candies, or cannabis flower, RETSCH can provide assistance in selecting the ideal instrument to meet the application requirements.


The following RETSCH mills are ideally suited for the homogenization and size reduction of Cannabis samples:


Many different Cannabis samples have already been processed the application lab, so we can draw on a wealth of experience and give qualified  recommendations to our customers.

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