SK-BS12 Long Barrel Cartridge Series Planetary Centrifugal Mixer

A planetary centrifugal mixer specifically for long barrel cartridges, on which 12 oz (360 ml) and 6 oz (180 ml) cartridge can be set.

  • The individual revolution and rotation speed control system achieves uniform mixing of materials in short amounts of time and elimination of ultrafine air bubbles.
  • Productivity and operability can be improved by using cartridges with sizes suited for the amount to be produced (12 or 6 oz).
    * An exclusive adopter (spacer) is required to use 6 oz cartridges.

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Cup size 12oz, 6oz Long barrel syringe × 2pcs
Speed of revolution Settable in 9 steps
Speed of rotation Settable in 10 steps
Settable time 10-300 seconds × 3 steps
Step mode 3 Steps Enables to do continuous operation (condition setup) for three different kinds of movement
Memory channel (condition setting memory) User settable channels Fixed data channels 10CH 10CH
Power supply voltage Three phase AC200V±10% 50/60Hz
Power consumption 2.0kW
External dimensions W646×D662×H730(mm)
Main unit weight About 225kg