Powder Blending

The TURBULA® Shaker-Mixer is used for the homogeneous mixing of powders or different wet components with differing specific weights and particle sizes. The product is mixed in a removable container preventing cross-contamination between batches and dusting when mixing powders.

For quantities up to 55 liters, the TURBULA® Shaker-Mixer is available in three models: the 2 liter T2F, the 17 liter T10B and the 55 liter T50A.

TURBULA® Shaker-Mixer

The TURBULA® is used in many exacting powder blending and mixing applications. These include:

  • Blending extremely heavy powders with very light ones
  • Mixing very small quantities of powders into larger volumes
  • Gently blending fragile granules without crumbling
  • Successfully mixing particles of different diameter