TURBULA® Shaker-Mixer

TURBULA® Shaker-Mixer
Mix the impossible to perfection

The TURBULA® is used in many exacting powder blending and mixing applications. These include:

  • Blending extremely heavy powders with very light ones
  • Mixing very small quantities of powders into larger volumes
  • Gently blending fragile granules without crumbling
  • Successfully mixing particles of different diameter


The TURBULA® Shaker-Mixer has the following design features:

  • Powder mixing is performed in a closed container which ensures that even toxic materials can be blended successfully
  • The closed container ensures that the powder blending is dust free
  • The T2F and T10B use a unique clamping system that allows containers of any size or shape to be used
  • The TURBULA® ensures “No cross-contamination” and “No clean-up” after blending


The TURBULA® has a tremendous track record – Over 15,000 TURBULA® Shaker-Mixers sold worldwide since 1950!

Other applications for the TURBULA® include:

  • Sampling: Any single or multiple number of samples can be taken, each truly representative of the bulk
  • Metal Finishing: Intricate precision parts can be deburred and polished without damage